Our service is to shoot your private photos and videos to the last, to produce private prints and albums.

Photographs and movies are in principle copyrighted by the photographer (or individuals and organizations to which the photographer is affiliated and contracted), and we have decided to refuse commercial use without permission in the past.

However, customers also have portrait rights and privacy rights. Also, our photos and videos are co-creative with customers.

Currently, besides celebrities on TV such as entertainers, talents and athletes, individuals with information dissemination capabilities, customer attractiveness and social influence as individuals, that is, individuals with publicity rights are increasing in number .

And we and our customers are equal in relation.

So, we will use these rules.


The purpose of our service is to record your personal memories and protect them.
We prohibit our customers from submitting your private memories to the Internet or for commercial use.
Because private information dissemination of the individuals all over the world is because of their individual sales activities.
Therefore, we prohibit the following acts.
1. All our acts of posting photos and videos provided by us to the internet without our consent
2. All activities other than our customers using the photos and movies we provide on the Internet without permission
3. Commercial use of our photos and videos without our permission to all people
4. Customers and us have equal relationships
5. If we allow you, you can use photos and videos credited photographers and copyright holders for free
6. The condition of 5 indicates that you fully cooperate in our sales activities and promotional activities
7. If you want to remove credits and use photos and videos, you need to purchase extra licenses when you use for commercial use.
8. For commercial use, it is absolutely necessary to set a remuneration for our achievement.

Penalty for breach of contract or copyright infringement

Firstly, we will multiply the shooting fee by 4, and calculate the sum of business trip fee, overhead expenses and consumption tax. Next, we have to multiply the sum of those by 4 and pay it to us immediately in cash. Finally, you lose all the ownership and usage rights of our photos, videos, prints, albums. In addition, a compound interest of 5% annually occurs against delay in default and payment delay.