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  • 家族写真の出張撮影
  • ロケーションウエディングフォト
  • エンゲージメントフォト(私服の結婚式)
  • ポートレート/プロフィールフォト
  • さらには上記のプライベートフォトサービス
  • アートフォト・プリント(作品証明書付、エディションナンバー入り)



In English

  1. To give more people around the world the chance to have a family photo with all their family members together.
  2. To protect your precious memories from all accidents and disasters.

We are looking for people(customors) who agree with the above our business philosophy and who are willing to participate in the production of family portraits (i.e., on-site photography service).

In principle, the content of the requested photo shoots will become the work of the family themed photographer Jousuke Hamano. In other words, all copyrights and moral rights belong to Jousuke Hamano. If you wish to transfer (purchase) the copyright or use it for commercial purposes, we will provide you with a separate option (for a fee).

We also offer a private photo service in which the data, as well as the work itself, will not be released to the public. In this case, we use the customer’s own SD card or HDD/SSD from the shooting and production stages, and the data is handled stand-alone, completely disconnected from the network (the network is used only in unavoidable cases such as album production and printing).

Now, the following services or works can be ordered by you.

On-site family photography
Wedding photos on a location
Engagement photos (a private and casual look wedding)
Your portrait / profile photos
Plus the above private photo services

Art photo prints (with the edition number and the certificate of authenticity by me)

As a general rule, all photo shootings are taken on location, with studio photography as an option (for a fee).

Prices are based on memberships, and vary according to membership rank. For more details, we will provide a price list at the time of quotation after receiving your inquiry.