Welcome Back Plan

March 2014, at Nagoya Port







(創業10周年を記念し、既に過去、このプランを利用させていただいたお客様も改めて、対象となります! ただし、1週間に1組様限定の撮影となりますので、日程は限られております。お早めにご検討ください)



Kakuouzan, Nagoya, 2011 / This place was one of my “home”

In English

The days I have spent photographing weddings and family portraits all over Japan are undeniably a treasure for me. Even now, I am filled with gratitude.

A photographer is first and foremost a customer service and sales person, and at the same time, a technical and professional person. In terms of technical/professional work, a photographer is only able to work when there is a client’s request, and this work creates a cycle in which the photographer is able to improve his/her skills.

In this sense, the people who have nurtured me over the years include my bosses at my workplace and my seniors in the industry, but more than that, it is the encounters I have had with clients that have been the greatest source of growth for me. It may sound a bit rude to call them my “bread and butter,” but that is not a metaphor, and I have been able to make a living from them.

In addition to wanting to return the favor to our clients, as I may have mentioned in the past during our meetings, when I became a wedding and family photographer, I wished to continue to watch over our clients and their families.

Therefore, we have prepared this special plan for families that we have photographed weddings for in the past, or for clients who have requested two or more days of family portraits.

Please pay only the stipulated travel fee, and we will take snapshots at a location of your choice and gift you a mini commemorative album free of charge.

(To commemorate our 10th anniversary, customers who have already taken advantage of this plan in the past will be eligible again! However, the shooting is limited to one couple per week, so dates are limited. Please consider this offer as soon as possible.)

Please note that this plan will be in effect until the end of March 2023.

Perhaps there have been many changes in your family, but we look forward to seeing you again.

March 2014, at Nagoya Port