The Essence of Digital Photography

Mr. Takahiro Inomata, the director of the Minamisanriku Disaster Volunteer Center, was my biggest benefactor when I moved to Minamisanriku from Nagoya.

I have received much support from him who now is in the heaven. I am deeply grateful for him.

I obligate to express this gratitude through my projects and photographs in the future.

By the way, the essence of digital photography is to reconstruct and copy reality. Photography in the film fixes precious moments on a film or a photographic paper, but deterioration is inevitable.

Digital photography has semi-permanent power because it reconstructs a scene by breaking it down into zeros and ones. 4K or 8K photography takes the process to a new dimension. Even if physical life is lost, as long as we have this data, reproducers, and electricity, it is eternal at least for us.

Photo day: 29/11/2012 (his birthday)